martini quiz game


the mission:
the goal is to provide a platform for people to connect themselves together through creating a brand experience that moves beyond the traditional style of advertising. using the new martini fiero.

the idea:
we come to the conclusion that everyone enjoys games, no matter how simple, challenging or gimmicky people are always going to have a good time with a game. so this is the martini quiz app. an app where the group of friends can get together and play a quiz game while learning about the martini story.

the experiance:
with this idea we have designed a special limited edition box to run with the campaign. the aim of this is to ensure the users get a unique experience with the product and will associate martini time with a good time. the box we have designed is unlike anything we’ve seen before on the market.

the campaign:
we want this to be a big event. every year one month dedicated to the martini quiz game. this is a versatile concept that can easily be promoted in bars and social clubs. by making the promotion feel like an event or time period you are making it more significant to the customers.

the team:

tobias terjesen
jakub landor
nicolo grasso

stefani manning
camilla grønvold langholen
dafne parra santiago
rhys turner

application used:

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