rsa - carry`a`bag

the problem is that the ageing population feel vulnerable when stepping out of their homes. as a result of this, they stay inside most of the time and become socially isolated.
this decreases mental as well as physical health as they’re not getting the interaction and exercise they need.

to investigate this issue we needed to know if young people would be willing to volunteer. we also needed to know if older people would find this service helpful. we set up two surveys to get the answers we needed.
these surveys concluded that there are young people who would want to help the elderly and that the elderly would greatly benefit from this service. this proved the idea would work in the real world.

the proposal we have come up with is simple. volunteers would be positioned at the exit of supermarkets to help the elderly carry their shopping home.
this will encourage the elderly to actively leave their homes with the reassurance that they will be vassisted with their bags on their way home.

the team:

tobias terjesen
jakub landor
lucy thompson
chloe ellwood
chloe gregory
tereza kodrasova

application used:

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